Cal Clement

Under The Black Flag Book Cover

Under The Black Flag

Book Series: Treachery and Triumph
Book 4 in this series
Release Date: September 1, 2023

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The black flag of the Drowned Maiden flies over the Caribbean once again.
Captain Lilith and her crew set sail to hunt down The Order.

The shadowy network that has continued smuggling slaves reaches far wider than any would have dared to believe. It is woven into the fabric of the East India Company and its reach includes powerful men on three different continents. When the Drowned Maiden sank, they may have felt they were safe. The tables have turned.

Lieutenant Pike has resurrected his naval career. Against all odds, he has gained the faith of Admiral Torren. He sets sail from Kingston with orders in hand and a full complement of sailors at his disposal.

Can he prove his redemption?

Captain Lilith now sails in concert with a pirate captain who knows the inner workings of their dark designs, and he is more than happy to guide the young pirate through the underworld of the Caribbean so she can finally achieve what she has set out to do. Kill The Order.

Will she find the strength to do what she must?

Set sail with Lilith, Chibs and Will as they navigate their fates in the next volume of the Amazon #1 Bestselling Treachery and Triumph series.