Cal Clement


A Knight of calandria

Hero of the Western Shores

Swords will collide.

Shields will be shattered.

The kingdom of Valentia has reigned for centuries, holding back their enemies and fulfilling the oath of their founding monarch. But a dark threat is looming at their borders, an ancient secret that has dwelt on the continent of Calandria for over a thousand years.

Trained by one of the most feared warriors in the world, Sir Kellor rides to meet this threat. The warriors of Valentia stand with him, as does his king’s son, Prince Thalen. But, will their collective strength be enough?
As an attack against the kingdom unfolds, Sir Kellor is confronted by a shadowy huntsman and an aging wanderer. They reveal the true nature of the threat against the realm and just how dangerous Calandria has become.

Find yourself locked in adventure and intrigue. Discover the world of Calandria in this thrilling introduction to the A Knight of Calandria series.

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A Knight of Calandria: Hero of the Western Shores