Cal Clement

Old Friends, New Friends and New Adventures

July greets me every year and I think to myself how quickly time slips by us all. This year is no different, though this July has brought another reason for me to smile. At the height of baseball season and on the very day the American League won the All Star game, Amazon finally opened their Kindle Vella program for readers to enjoy! It was too much to take in all in one day.

For anyone interested in the High Times and Adventures of Captain Grimes. I will include the link to the Kindle Vella story at the bottom of this newsletter post. Please feel free to share with anyone you think would be interested. It will be a new adventure with old friends.

Somehow, during baseball season, and while working on “Revenge of the Drowned Maiden” and putting together the origin story of Captain Grimes and H.M.S. Valor, I managed to begin another side project. ‘The Afters’ series will start with a title called “Collapse”. It is a survival story and a new type of adventure I truly hope you will enjoy. I cannot set a release date for the first title in that series yet, but it will be announced here.

Speaking of release dates. “Revenge of the Drowned Maiden” is set for release on November 5th. The day before release I will do a cover reveal for the third title of the ‘Treachery and Triumph’ series.

A very happy birthday to my beautiful wife Megan on July 20th. To my daughter Cerena and my son Hunter on the 16th. And also to my wonderful Aunt Michelle Taylor on the 7th.