Cal Clement

Full Canvas

Friends. I hope August finds you well and in good spirits. Chaos has proven to be a theme for this year, much as it was for last. But, sometimes in the midst of storms we get a chance to reflect inward and be grateful for the things that are most important.

Progress continues on the sequel to H.M.S. Valor, Revenge of the Drowned Maiden and I anticipate concluding the first draft before the end of the month. As for the first title of the Treachery and Triumph series, I am still impressed with a consistent level of monthly sales.

While I have been completing Revenge of the Drowned Maiden, I have been neglecting to add episodes to The High Times and Adventures of Captain Grimes. My intention is to upload two episodes per month as soon as the Maiden sets sail for my editor’s office.

Fans of audio books, H.M.S. Valor has you in range! Audio files are currently being produced by Simon Goldhill an outstanding voice actor from the United Kingdoms. I anticipate the release of the audiobook of H.M.S. Valor will coincide with the Ebook and paperback release of Revenge of the Drowned Maiden on November 5th.

Stay the course friends. Cal