Cal Clement

Promising Horizons

The new year is upon us and with it the endless horizon of new possibilities! I hope you have found some joy in this new year and I hope your holidays were restful and rewarding. I have chosen to start the new year by embarking on a whole new adventure and I do hope you will join me. The Afters series is a project born out of my deep appreciation for sci-fi and thrillers. I’ve drawn inspiration from many places for the ideas explored in the first book, my experiences in the military, my time working as a corrections officer and my early exposure to life in the outdoors. If you are a fan of outdoors fiction, thrillers and ever wondered what the end of the civilized world would look like, I have a new adventure for you!

For those of you patiently (or impatiently) awaiting the next adventure in the Treachery and Triumph series, fear not, the saga does not end with Revenge of the Drowned Maiden. I am currently at work on the third title Resurrecting the Maiden. In addition, I have laid the groundwork for a pair of prequels. A short novel focusing on the life and adventures of Captain Grimes, and another short novel (possibly two) chronicling the origins of Chibs and the dawn of the Drowned Maiden.

If you have read and enjoyed any of the work I’ve released so far, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Feel free to share this newsletter via email or social media, adventures are best when shared!