Cal Clement

A New Year and New Adventures

Hello friends and readers!

2022 has been an amazing year, and I certainly have a lot to be grateful for. I’ve made memories with my family and pushed my publishing goals further than the previous year. In December of 2022 I was overjoyed to see that H.M.S Valor hit the #1 Bestseller in Latin and Caribbean historical fiction category on Amazon. Some would say that is a paper crown, and it may well be, but as an independent author my sales rank is not influenced by a publisher purchasing my books to record sales. A #1 spot on an Amazon category is not a prestigious title to slap on the cover of my next novel like the New York Times bestsellers do, but it is a cool accomplishment for an independent like me.

I released three books this year, two in a post-apocalyptic series ‘The Afters’ and one in my ‘Treachery and Triumph’ series. I knew going into the year that three books would be a stretch, it was. There were many days when I doubted if I could make my deadlines, but I pushed onward and made it happen.

In the coming year, I hope to push my goals even further. I have already launched the pre-order for another title in the ‘Treachery and Triumph’ series, Under the Black Flag is set for a September 1st release. Under the Black Flag (Treachery And Triumph Book 4) eBook : Clement, Cal: Kindle Store

In addition to that, I have outlined the next two titles of ‘The Afters’ series and started work on a series of fantasy novels. The first fantasy book is a novella, a little short by fantasy standards, but, it is intended to be an introduction into a new world. The novella is drafted and awaiting its date with the editor. I am holding off on a pre-order for that until book one of that series is near completion.

I have also started work on a series of short stories involving characters from the ‘Treachery and Triumph’ novels. You will find those attached to my newsletters in the coming months, so keep an eye on the horizon!