Cal Clement

A skilled sailor.

I have signed several copies of H.M.S. Valor with the inscription of a quote that has kept me going through some of my darkest hours. “Smooth seas don’t make skilled sailors” I’ve added to that for my part, encouraging my readers to plot their course boldly.

In life, as in the world of navigation at sea, storms happen. An old friend of mine once told me he would rather fly with a pilot who has crash landed a dozen times than a pilot who has always landed without incident. “Experience getting through some shit, the pilot who has seen it before won’t freak out and have a come apart”, he told me. Life happens and we can’t navigate our way around the possibility of storms. Often times, we are better off seeing our way right through. I get philosophical in the spring, oddly enough during storm season.

November 5th will be the release date for Revenge of the Drowned Maiden. Pre sales trickle in every few days and it encourages me to see interest in the sequel already. My cover designer has already helped me with a rough template for the third volume cover and my editor is patiently awaiting my rough (trust me she is a miracle worker, they are rough) manuscript for book 2. H.M.S. Valor is getting a facelift with some minor edits for a 2nd edition and will be rereleased on Amazon and with another distributor by June 15th.

If you have not already, find me on facebook and instagram. I enjoy getting cover pictures from readers when they receive their copy and every once in a while I do a giveaway. In addition to the Treachery and Triumph series, I’m now starting work on an entirely different project. More to come on that.

Hold fast friends, and don’t fear the storms you face, embrace them. Cal