Cal Clement

Setting Sail With No Charts

As I write, H.M.S. Valor has already exceeded my hopes. In both sales and reviews, I have been pleasantly rewarded by readers from all walks of life and locations. I wrote H.M.S. Valor as an escape from a dismal year. 2020 was a challenge to everyone and 2021, while looking better, has delivered more of the same chaos and heartbreak.

I would like to thank everyone who has purchased a copy of H.M.S. Valor, I have signed many copies and I will continue to do so for anyone who puts one in front of me. I am currently at work on the next title in series “Revenge of the Drowned Maiden”. Lilith and her fearsome crew occupy my thoughts constantly. I am working on several other projects, chief among them is improving this website. I am working on an online store as well as a paperback preorder in addition to figuring out box set design and ordering as well as a very limited “merch” line.

Facebook followers keep finding their way to my page there and it gives me great joy to see the diverse audience. I have also received several pictures from readers who received their copies and I am very pleased with what appears to be a consistent and high standard of quality from the Amazon printers. I hope to be announcing the release of “Revenge of the Drowned Maiden” fairly soon, exact dates are yet to be determined but it will be out before the end of this year.

Sail your own course friends.