Cal Clement

Asleep at the Wheel

June has crept up on me. It seems I have neglected to post since March! I could make excuses, but I won’t. A wizard is never late, Master Baggins, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

Rather than posting my newsletter, I have been making steady progress on a number of forthcoming titles and a new project that I think you, the reader, will enjoy! Lilith and crew are foremost on my mind, as is Tyler and his family and friends. While those two worlds are vastly different, they have grasped the imaginations of many readers and led to some amazing feedback! I love hearing from readers! If you have read my stories and have not posted a review or left a rating on amazon, please do! I also enjoy hearing from readers on Facebook. I have gotten messages from all over the United States and from countries as far away as Australia and South Africa.

Resurrecting the Maiden is in her final stages before editing. I have a conclusion drawn and progress continues as my editor is patiently awaiting my rough draft.

Escape is ready for editing. I have made a few rewrites in the past two weeks and finally come to a place with the story that I think readers will enjoy. The series has gotten off to a slow start, sales wise, but the feedback I have gotten has been phenomenal, so it will continue. Speaking of the Afters series, Collapse, the first title of that series, will be on kindle countdown sales for .99 cents from July 3rd through July 10th. This is for the Kindle e-book version.

I mentioned a new project. It would not be very nice to hint at something without giving just a little more detail. A entirely new story, set of stories actually, from an entirely new world. I have envisioned a fantasy story and laid the foundation of a new series. Fantasy readers rejoice, it will be available on Kindle Unlimited with the rest of my work! Armored knights, fair maidens, fantastic far away lands and possibly a vampire or two. I won’t announce an official title yet, but I can say with a certainty it will be released sometime in 2023.