Cal Clement

Forging Ahead With Full Sails

Hello friends and readers!
I hope spring finds you well wherever you are. Here in Montana, the mornings still hold a chill in the air, the days are warming up and the landscape is green. My family and I are looking forward to camping trips and fishing.
Hero of the Western Shores has been out in the world for two months. I have chosen to keep it at 99 cents until the following series are released. It is free to read for anyone subscribed to the Kindle Unlimited program, where it will remain for at least three years.
If you have not heard, Kindle unlimited is raising their monthly subscription price. I believe there is a method to pay ahead for a certain period of time before the price hike, so if you would like to take advantage of that be sure to act quickly. Hero of the Western Shores eBook : Clement, Cal: Books

Progress continues on Under the Black Flag. As I have mentioned in previous newsletters and blog posts, it will be the final book in the Treachery and Triumph series. This is a challenge I have not yet had to tackle as an author, saying goodbye to characters I have spent the last three years developing is exceptionally difficult. I have caught myself daydreaming about conversations with my characters. This may sound odd to you, but do not worry, odd behaviors are completely normal for me. As challenging as this book has been, it is still on track for a September release. I will include a pre-order link below for the e-book. Under the Black Flag (Treachery And Triumph Book 4) eBook : Clement, Cal: Kindle Store

If you have read and enjoyed my work, please take the time to leave a review on either Amazon or Goodreads. It is enormously helpful, and I enjoy reading reviews!Cheers!Cal