Cal Clement

Hero of the Western Shores

A Knight of Calandria: Hero of the Western Shores

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Swords will collide. Shields will be shattered. The kingdom of Valentia has reigned for centuries, holding back their enemies and fulfilling the oath of their founding monarch. But a dark threat is looming at their borders, an ancient secret that has dwelt on the continent of Calandria for over a thousand years. Sir Kellor, a knight trained by a legendary warrior who has since gone into exile, rides to meet this threat.

Under The Black Flag

Under The Black Flag Book Cover

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The black flag of the Drowned Maiden flies over the Caribbean once again.
Captain Lilith and her crew set sail to hunt down The Order.

Collapse: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

Something has gone drastically wrong.

Society is tearing apart at the seams.

A biological attack has been unleashed in the United States. People are dying within hours of becoming infected. But the effects don’t stop there.

Resurrecting The Maiden

Resurrecting The Maiden Book Cover

The Drowned Maiden’s rampage across the Caribbean has come to an end.
Or has it?
Captain Lilith awakens in the clutches of a stranger. Her ship is in tatters. Her crew is scattered. Off the coast the Royal Navy is still a threat.
But there is still a spark of hope.

Revenge Of The Drowned Maiden

Disorder and chaos have spread across the Caribbean like wildfire in the wake of the Drowned Maiden.

Captained by a former slave and crewed by a motley band of mutinied navy men and freed slaves alike they have set their sights on dismantling a network of slave smugglers.

H.M.S. Valor

Lives hang in the balance while a young and ambitious Lieutenant takes his new assignment aboard the H.M.S Valor. Circumstances soon lead him down a path where he must weigh traditional judgement carefully. With sword and pistol in hand he will confront his fate, where things are not as simple as they first appear, and the path of honor looks an awful lot like treason.