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H.M.S. Valor – Signed Copy

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A dark secret hangs over the Caribbean.

Britain is at war with Napoleon, amid this chaos, a shadowy network acts against the common good.

Lives hang in the balance while a young and ambitious Lieutenant takes his new assignment aboard the H.M.S Valor. Circumstances soon lead him down a path where he must weigh traditional judgement carefully. With sword and pistol in hand he will confront his fate, where things are not as simple as they first appear, and the path of honor looks an awful lot like treason.

In the Caribbean, a young woman seeks to escape her cruel past. She soon finds herself in the clutches of a fearsome crew of pirates, but not everything is as it would seem.

Fans of Gene Hackman’s “Wake of the Perdido Star” will love this swashbuckling tale.

Clement not only delivers suspenseful battle scenes but also characters to engage our imagination and affection. What a blast! Make that a cannon blast. I can’t wait to read the sequel. – Amazon Review

Could not put it down, whenever you think you have an idea of where the story is going, prepare to tack. – Goodreads Review

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